Woke World is a new daily comic strip that shines a funny light on the most divisive issues of our time - by airing them out "in the family".

JANICE is the guidance counselor at her daughter Chloe’s school. She is from her husband Norm’s generation and loyal to him, but she is open to and eager (sometimes too eager) to learn today’s new “woke” ways.

NORM is a curmudgeon who works at a trophy shop and gripes over our “participation trophy”/“safe space” culture that his “woke” daughter Chloe and her non-binary friend CHAZ are always yelling at him about.

CHARLIE is Norm’s boss at Trophies R USA and perhaps the least politically correct person in Woke World. An unapologetic Washington Redskins fan, when Charlie was asked how he could possibly have a racist like Norm working for him, he says: “You kiddin’? It’s the best thing about being a black boss.”

CHAZ is an exchange student from Seattle who identifies as non-binary and embodies everything “woke.” CHAZ is largely uninterested in “woke wannabe” Chloe, until CHAZ meets Chloe’s dad: a cultural anthropologist/warrior’s window into everything “un-woke” about the world.

CHLOE is a wannabe culture warrior who spouts woke phrases (like “trigger warning” and “microaggression”) and champions every new cause – even ones she has no connection to but feels the need to “intersect” with. She falls for the most “woke” person in her high school: non-binary exchange student CHAZ.

BILLIE is Chloe’s emotional support dog. Brought into the home to help Chloe cope with her “triggering” dad, Billie winds up becoming “Dad’s best friend” after Norm treats Billie like a dog, not a crutch.

OMNI is a digital assistant which constantly updates itself on the tastes and needs of the family, and also on the ever-evolving language and rules of our new Woke World.

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